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Rating: What is your taste? Find out based on your zodiac sign


Salty or Spicy: Also in this field the stars want to speak to themselves.

Aries – You do not like neutral flavors and prefer strong and firm flavors just like your personality. spicy Not only can it lack in your table because it has aphrodisiac power because it raises the taste of many dishes. Your balcony often has lush red pepper plants that convey joy and vitality. Do not forget the spicy taste of ginger and enjoy it at your favorite cocktail.

TORO – Looking at the Masterchef, one of your favorite entertainments, you can taste different dishes to compare different scents with their different flavors. Your preference is almost always SaltedYou can not refuse delicious pizza or freshly baked lasagna. You like cooking and your food is always very delicious. After all, eating is one of the pleasures of life that you never want to give up.

Twins – Your bipolarity is very clear in your taste. Sometimes you like sweet and sometimes spicy: it depends on your mood. I like the sophisticated and touching parts of organic products as well as wine. Anyway you can say that you are against your taste. Bitter sweet And above all, about the sauces that are served with the dishes of the Japanese restaurant you like so much. If you decide to put your body in the kitchen, it will amaze everyone very happily.

cancer – The kitchen contains flour, vanilla sticks, cinnamon, cocoa and sugar packs to prepare very soft cakes or cupcakes and biscuits of all shapes and colors. So, your favorite tastes are strictly only. You spend a whole day in a candy store and often have a soft spot for a gummy bear. You want to find such sweetness in the people you deal with every day.

Leon – I always want to be summer, to walk in the sea or to swim on a hot day. Because it can only be available if you travel all year round to tropical countries, you will find summer in your food and prefer to cook and drink according to your preference Exotic fruits. Pineapples are one of the most common ingredients in the kitchen, and they are not afraid to offer them to guests on colorful skewers even when they are only 2 degrees outside.

VIRGIN – Your angled character tells you the volume of your favorite taste. It's easy enough to guess that you are inclined to everything that has an aftertaste. God Or citrus. Lemons can never be enough at your table and it is good to drink lemon juice and hot water as soon as you wake up every morning. Why are so many people accusing you of being poignant? You can remind everyone that lemons are very fragrant.

SCALE – In general, you are not a greedy person but have a sophisticated and sophisticated taste in a sophisticated and sophisticated manner. After all, even when you eat you see more on the aesthetics of the dish than its quality. Dishing is worthy of all your attention. Your favorite taste in your taste Sweet version of light. In essence, avoid refined sugars and prefer to use sweeteners or better stevia (recently popular).

Scorpio – Complex and twisted people like you can just like the taste. spicyEspecially when you can not tell the taste of other spices used in the dish you eat. You like mint, saffron and pink pepper (sometimes you tend to hide it, but Watermark's romanticism is too obvious to you). People who come to see you at home may be surprised at the neat and sophisticated arrangement of many color complexes in the cupboard.

Sagittarius – I like to travel and travel around the world, knowing what you are living in and the taste outside of tradition. After the first attempt, you can not refuse the taste. Smoked You want to taste it in soup or meat as well as in charcuterie or salmon. Lapsang Souchong (Chinese smoked tea) has an unpleasant taste and often suggests to friends who do not always like it.

Capricorn – It is not too salty or peppery. It is generally not recommended to use seasoning or various spices. Sweets that you exclude them a priori. Someone might suggest that you prefer a dish that is tasty. Salt free, Individuality. And the bread that is actually produced in many Italian regions is bread that conquers most appetites. Could I keep it from going to the kitchen?

Aquarius – The specificity of everything you like is strange and original. It is actually good to be prominent and I do not like the taste that is rarely known.Richness, And in 1908 Ikeda Kikuni (professor of the Japanese chemistry) confirmed it as a fundamental taste. This is a vegetarian of Japanese seaweed broth (dash) as well as seasoned ham, parmesan cheese, anchovy or ripe tomatoes.

FISH – Tenderness can never be lacking in your life, but you can find it too easy to go to dessert. Your taste is more complicated, fickle, and demanding. Neptune meets you and gives you an alternative taste. Sweet but alcoholic. That's why you can not resist whipping cream cakes with sponge cakes in alchermes or any other dessert with a liqueur aftertaste. Often, some vices are given to you too!

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