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Staff / Administration / Accounting


sector : Commerce & Services / management / clerk

About Us : Ets Nexus Spa

Release date: June 11, 2018

Working site: Perugia

Nexus, Branch of Perugia, Management / Accountant looking for key customer companies
Investigated figures include cash and bank management, registration of first memo, customer order management and invoice, F24, VAT registration confirmation, DDT management, report management and document management, quadrature law, bank archives, financial statements and more.
Requirements :
Graduated from economics or accounting.
Administrative role, customer accounting (minimum 5 years) experience.
Autonomy to budget;
Auditing management knowledge "AD HOC REVOLUTION";
A forerunner to work on a team.
Place of work: Perugia (PG)
Contract: Fixed time for permanent employment
This study is for both men and women (Law 903/77). Final approval of the Ministerial Declaration by 2015/2012 39/0026240.

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