Tuesday , May 30 2023

Taxes on Coca-Cola and carbonated beverages, novelty of economic tricks


In 2012, the Monti government has set up junk food-only measures, including snacks, chips, packaged industrial confectionery, snacks, fast-food products, and carbonated soft drinks with added sugar and alcohol.

Tax is clearly Coca ColaBut all sweetened beverages of the same kind. The government decided to use sugar-based beverages, Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, and others that have already been done in other countries such as the United States. Contrary to the confindustrial association Assobibe.

Amendments to the two political forces have already been approved by the Finance Committee and will be reviewed by the Budget Committee. Calaruco, A member of the 5 Star Movement, and an amendment. Tax on soft drinks You can earn € 200 million. This measure provides the first signature by the index pentastellata. Calaruco, Based on several members of the Northern Confederacy, to cover the tax audit. "This approach, which is disadvantageous to consumers, drives consumers away from thinking about growth by promoting additional contractions that have an unavoidable impact on employment and investment. Changes are currently being reviewed by the Budget Committee..

After the league announced, we canceled the strategy to rewrite. Web tax The value of an individual transaction gives a rate of 6% instead of 3% instead of the VAT of the digital transaction fee amount.

Chambers is also discussing suggestions to support jazz music. The proposal predicts that by February the Ministry of Education will form a "gradual generalization in full-time elementary school" and there will be 2,000 teachers.

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