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“Thanks to the doctor, we called them heroes and accused them, but they made great sacrifices for us.”


“I left the hospital, I go home”: Iva Zanicchi announced this on Instagram along with a video describing her with some medical staff at Vimercate Hospital who was hospitalized with pneumonia from Covid-19. The presenter tested positive for Covid in early November and was hospitalized eight days ago. Today he is celebrating his resignation with doctors and nurses, and he affectionately calls them “cool boys and girls”. Born in 1940, Janicci is grateful for taking care of her during her hospitalization and dedicates a large portion of the video to them. “We said and accused them of being heroes, but they are experts who heal us and save our lives,” he says in the video.

The presenter spoke about her experience with Covid in other videos that were already recorded in the hospital and at home. “It is a virus that is infected by the bestiality.“You have to be careful,” she explained immediately, knowing that she was positive about the swab. “I have always been careful and I Always wear gloves and masks. It seems to have been taken when I visited the husband of my daughter, who was admitted to the hospital. A few words to reassure fans with today’s video, and above all to express you thank To doctors and nurses at Vimercate Hospital. «They make great sacrifices and never stop! Hope you do your best! “. And the thoughts of everyone who made her feel affectionate when she got sick: «Thank you all for the wonderful message you have received these days. Pay attention, Kiss». When he announced his positivity, the presenter said that she was determined to fight the virus with determination. “I have to be stronger than that. He wouldn’t do it if he thought I could fool me after 80. You can’t do well with me.

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