Wednesday , April 14 2021

Today's episode November 15th Direct and Preview

The usual appointments for the best-selling dating show in Italy include: Men and women. This Thursday, November 15, 2018, You will see a weekly appointment. Classic throne.

After giving up Marapasson, Canale 5 starting at 14.45 [VIDEO]Two new tronisti: Andrea Seri Oli and Ivan Gonzalez, Both of which are already known to the general public [VIDEO] of Temptation Island VIP Screaming.

Classical advances: two new studio trunks

In today's episode of November 15th, we will release the remaining trunks in the studio after abandoning Mara, such as Teresa, Luigi and Lorenzo.

But next to them, they will be sitting in the red throne of Andrea Cerioli and Ivan Gonzales, who are ready to begin this new adventure and find their love of life.

There will be special guests during the episode. Valeria MariniWho will be the party planner? In particular, the star showgirl will lend you as the organizer of the tronisti engagement party if they decide to choose.

Men and Women: Continuing Luigi and Lorenzo Events

Lorenzo takes Julia outside despite the last call she made with her ex-boyfriend. He confesses about the interest in money and the camera of the suitor. Despite criticism from the public, Ricardi decides to date her anyway.

Outdoors, Claudio shows Julia pictures that show interest in social media and followers.

It's really a reaction from De Filippi who blames Lorenzo to find a certain girl, though it does make sense. She asked her to appear in court in the studio.

It is a story that was born between Luigi and Irene to pass the page. The boy was initially very suspicious of the authenticity of the girl's attention. At the end of the last episode, young people were able to confront each other in the locker room, and at the end of the meeting Luigi decided to give her another chance.

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