Thursday , March 30 2023

Updated Lidl collection products and food lists at risk in all supermarkets.


Lidl withdraws two products, but after the sample analysis, the authorities or the point-of-sale itself or the manufacturers and distributors have decided to withdraw from the market until further inspection during the final inspection period is only the latest recent appeal of numerous food and food products is .

The two cases of food withdrawn from the shelves of the Lidl supermarket are the latest, but certainly not the only ones, and certainly not the least worried. The label has no mustard ingredients at the base of the recall. Lightness naturally to allergy patients. But anyway, it is a preventive measure that does not affect the entire consumer in an obscure manner. If there is a product that continues from the sight of the health inspector to the end, it is an egg instead. And the risks to health are always the same: Salmonella. Thus, there was a continuous warning of microbiological hazards. Attracted bacteria are a major cause of human illnesses transmitted by contaminated food and non-drinking water. The greatest risk is the defective or most vulnerable category of the elderly, children, and the immune system.

From eggs to salmon and meat

On the other hand, smoked salmon is consumed and the criticism of the four people who died of Listeria is shaking. The good news (if this can be defined) is the absence of the Italian victims living in Italy, France, Germany and Denmark, which is improving. The safety authorities' test confirmed that the Listeria strains were the same in all countries. For food professionals, the problem is not so hot and cold, so you should prevent the death of bacteria that are dangerous to your health. The severity of symptoms varies from simple diseases such as fever, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to more serious forms such as bacteremia or lung and meningitis.

From June to today, if 165 Salmonella typhimurium were reported only in the UK, meat would not get much better. Public Health According to the UK, people can not get their meat cooked well or touch their raw meat after washing their hands, or they can be infected in different ways through contamination of other foods, surfaces and cooking utensils. In short, it is the most common behavior to be reviewed.

The most recent examples: scamorza, tuna and brioches

A recent health ministry in our home recalled some placement of white scamorza cut into the Coop and Cuor di Fette Parmareggio brand due to the presence of Escherichia coli, a producer of cigarette toxins. Products affected by this clause are distributed in a pack of 140 grams and are available for purchase. Well-trimmed tuna package Mareblu olive oil will expire January 5, 2023 in 12 boxes of 80g each. As a result of the withdrawal, there is a problem with the integrity of the packaging, which may deteriorate the quality of the product. However, the recall of the package is not related to the expiration date of other Mareblu branded products and the same product. Finally, the Ministry of Health recalled naturally fermented brioches for the presence of Bauli milk cream or Salmonella spp. Against microbiological hazards.

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