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View Instagram's private content: trickery reveal

Posted videos, photos, and stories to your personal Facebook profile. Instagram? Well, you should let them know that the content published by you is not as private as you might think. Rather, it can be accessed and downloaded through a simple solution and distributed publicly to friends and followers. To use the desktop version of Instagram, you need to go to the "victim" profile, select the area of ​​interest, inspect it and then click on the header. In this way a URL is sent that can be passed to "spy".

"Expired" story also released

Spokesperson for Facebook On BuzzFeed: "The behavior described is the same as when taking and sharing screenshots of your friends photos. You can't access people if your profile is privateIn fact, there is a difference between the possibility of acquiring a personal image from a web page and the possibility of easily sharing the URL of that personal image with an unauthorized user.

This process hacking It can also be implemented when images and videos in personal Instagram stories last 24 hours, expire or are removed. All such data is hosted on the Facebook content distribution network, so this solution also applies to personal Facebook content. If your friend or follower has a link, you can use the link to share certain content with others. You can not have information about the "criminal" and the number of recipients.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this yearPrivacy-driven vision for social networks"After 2018 it was especially characterized by scandals.

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