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«Wanda Nara does not show me his grandson»


Sunday Live, Icardi's sister cries: «Wanda Nara does not show me grandson»

Do not put your fingers between your wife and husband. If it's not your sister, it's nothing. Ivana Ikadi Shedding tears in Sunday Live, in the living room Barbara Dorso. The same eye of the ice brother and grandchildren engaged to the Messina player Louis Pacalescio, Just joined Argentina's Big Brother, climbed up for the second time and gained a certain notoriety (though it did not happen before). There is a big problem.

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He has not seen his brother for over a year. A few months ago he said, "I was in Milan and I met my nephew. I asked my mother to give Mauro's phone number, but I could not see him." There is also a true criminal between tears and lines. Wanda Country. The current manager of Maxi Lopez's ex-wife and Inter Captain could not accept the involvement of Argentina's Ivana Argentine Big Brother, and Mauro did not even receive a luxury gift for his sister. But "Wanda never gave up her career …"

With the involvement of Ivana Icardi, social media started immediately. Also, as soon as the "tears" came from behind the scenes nationwide, Barbara D & # 39; Thanks to Urso's post. During the punch, Icardi mentioned the details of the difficult relationship with the inter striker: "My brother Mauro does not talk to me. I had a relationship with all of her girlfriends before Wanda, but Wanda Nara said I threatened my sister I will not go to the big brother Argentino if he gave me a house or paid for my breast surgery.

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