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Who is Mika? Career, love and curiosity


Let’s find out the curiosity about the special life of the fabric of the X Factor Italy Jury again this year with Mika, a singer loved all over the world!


Good good And Great career behind. Mika has conquered everyone since its premiere. circumstances Among the fabrics of the 2013 X Factor Jury Italy It was still a while uncertain But his heart already giant.

This is there for him Fourth edition He finds himself in X Factor a. Judge Is in advice Three young ambitious musicians, but his history It starts from afar. Let’s find out together!

Mika: Private life and beginning


Michael Hall Brooke Pennyman Jr.The artist’s real name is 1983 year From Beirut. In fact, Mika considers herself British, but she is from. Lebanese.

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He is the third of five brothers. And when he was young he overweight A lot of traitor But he was able to find his way thanks music, Before him His father and mother They always supported him. Right there Mother To bring him closer to the world when he is there Kick At school because of his problems Dyslexia.

Then mother always architect The birth of his stage name: Mika. He has been calling him since childhood Was not recognized by his real name, The same as his father. Adopted Gladly.

Thanks to his success My space! Thanks to the web, the singer actually notice At a record company contract And his publication The first single!

that is “Grace Kelly“, conquered Hit Parade 1st place It has led to publication in many countries. “Life in Cartoon Motion”, Debut album sold more 7 million records.

Mika: Italy and the X Factor

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Mika is First International Judge Advertising of his career in an Italian talent show X factor, In fact, it In 2013 And immediately the public welcomed him totally. The singer repeatedly in love The italian he bought the house Tuscany) With his sister.

Mika: Did Fedez object to homosexuals? Or was Tiziano Ferro exaggerated?

on 2017 year And in 2020 Guests of the San Remo Festival!

Mika: Homosexuality with boyfriend

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Mikaga Released in 2012 Now he lives in peace Homosexuality, Enough to become a real icon LGBT. But his mother Accept it. She is his Manager And although a stylist, as Mika herself said, he would have preferred children “traditional”.

Since 2007 this singer has Andreas Derma Nice, Director and cameraman, with whom London. However, little is known about him. Love privacy Because of this, Mika respects him and never reveals him. One day the couple dreams of a god continence. But only when Mika doesn’t like this busy With his tour.

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