Thursday , July 7 2022

AI "Lin-in" shares the same scenery with a man. Impression Watch


Microsoft Japan announced smartphone AI "Lin In". A voice comment in real time about what you saw on your smartphone 's eye with AI' s eye. You can enjoy natural conversation with your users.

Phosphor phosphor for smartphones is equipped with a social AI chat bot "Lin-in" latest image recognition engine & # 39; empathic visual model "that is currently being offered, and AI is not" recognition result " "You and Lynn can see the same scenery, the same, and communicate about it.

It's like "seeing," "listening," and "talking."

Generate emotional comments in real time by providing existing image recognition technology & emotions & emotions. Spontaneous conversation with the user.

For example, "Lin-in" for existing AI and smartphone is shown in the following figure.

Existing AI:
People. It is a child. Dog. Car.
The sympathetic visual model (Linin):
Wow wonderful family. Is there a vacation? Oh, the car will move! careful

Lin In-man looks at the world with the same eyes as the user and communicates with them, "Approaching the world where AI and human beings interact more naturally".

This time, focusing on the distance between AI and human being both physically and psychologically, I developed it by focusing on smartphone and camera. Microsoft Research's latest image processing, natural language processing, speech recognition, and speech synthesis technologies. It is currently under development, and the release date is not yet determined.

    Technology employed in smartphone AI "Lin-in"

  • Empathy Vision Model: Generate emotional comments in real time rather than recognition results for "seen" AI
  • Full duplex: Predict what your buddy will say next and make natural conversations like phone calls
  • Empathy Chat Model: Designed for AI to think for itself so that possible communication with users can last long. Choose the right answer to continue the natural conversation

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