Thursday , March 30 2023

Using the Playstation Classic Open Source Emulator? Non-self-developed rumors – Engadget Japanese edition


PCSX ReARMed is a PS emulator developed for Linux and Mac Windows (2000 – 2003), which is ported to ARM for ARM-related amateur development.

PCSX-Reloaded, a direct-based update, has been added to the network play and rewind functions after the bug fixes in previous versions have been fixed, and it contains a lot of elements needed for modern game play.

In the recent retro game reprint, it is natural to use an emulator. However, Nintendo's mini-picnic and mini-spa was adopted by the European corporation itself.

Of course, commercial use is acceptable as long as you comply with the open source software license agreement. We are talking about copyright (conveyed) Sony can say as much as we utilize properly.

Rather, the rumor is being received with surprise. The main reason is "Sony does not use its own development emulator (probably)."

In the past, Sony introduced the PlayStation game to the PS library, and developed the emulator for PS3, PSP and Vita. There is also a complete PSP emulator built in to the & # 39; wrapper for PS4.

This discovery is known to have some controversy in some overseas communities such as "Sony is poor", but Frank Cifaldi, founder of the Video Game History Foundation, The emulator officially recognized it, "he says.

However, this time I found that the PCSX ReARMed is being used, but I do not know whether it is still being used, or whether Sony has added an arrangement based on it.

According to Kotaku's report, the reappearance is high, but there is a report that there is "one place where the save function is everywhere." If this is true, I may wish to try to increase it four places.

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