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[과학]Ecological antibacterial agent kills bacteria in water



After the humidifier disinfectant incident, there is a growing interest in environmentally friendly antimicrobial agents.

Korean researchers succeeded in developing eco-friendly antimicrobial agents that can effectively remove water germs.

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Humidifier disinfectant incident considered to be the worst chemical disaster.

Bactericides As toxic substances are identified as the cause of death and lung disease, there is a high level of interest in harmless antibacterial agents.

In particular, photocatalyst generates active oxygen that kills germs when it receives light, and is used for the development of antimicrobial agents. However, it is disadvantageous that the antimicrobial effect is remarkably deteriorated in a lot of polluted water.

However, Korean researchers have developed eco-friendly antimicrobial agents that effectively remove germs in the presence of glucose.

The new antimicrobial agent was made by attaching glucose oxidase to the existing photocatalyst.

As the concentration of glucose in water increases, the enzyme makes more active oxygen by the antimicrobial agent and removes almost 90% of the bacteria.

[김병찬 / KIST 환경복지연구단 박사 : 굉장히 미생물 농도가 많은 상황에서는 독성이 있는 (화학)물질들을 많이 사용하게 되는데. 저희가 개발한 복합체를 사용하면 자체적으로 존재하는 포도당을 산화시키고, 그래서 거기서 나오는 성분으로 항균을 시킬 수 있기 때문에 (친환경적입니다.)]

The researchers explained that if the developed antibacterial agent is made into a filter type, it can be used for small appliances and water purifiers.

[홍석원 / KIST 물자원순환연구단장 : 촉매 고정화를 통해서 연속 사용이 가능하고 외부 노출이 최소화되는 형태로 개발하는 게 추가적인 연구계획입니다.]

We will also carry out further research to enable the use of environmentally friendly antimicrobial agents to remove air pollutants such as fine dust.

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