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[시상식 이모저모] Park Byung-ho 'Malosil' Kim Hyun-soo 'Fishbilly' Police Agency '


Sluggish 2018Park Byeong-ho (32), who won the on-base percentage title winner, said,… "I opened the door saying," Sorry. "We are returning to the Heroes." We have signed a naming sponsorship agreement with Kiwoom Securities from 2019 to 2023. After the ceremony, Park said, "I heard that Nexen Heroes' is still a team name."

"I think I did the best," Park said. "I do not think anyone has played the best of the three who returned from the major leagues this season (including LG Kim Hyun-soo and KT Hwang Jae-kyun)." It was all right. "

LG Hyun-soo (30), who won the batting title, said, "I was sick when I heard that it was awarded 'Embers'." The battle of the title battle was fierce at the last minute, and in some cases it was said that 'I am getting a prize as a fishermen'. He was not only the outfielder of the season but also the first baseman. "He has been criticized by Ryu Jung-il for the first time, and I can go to first base next season."

Doosan Josh Lindblum (31), who ranked No. 1 (2.88) in the KBO League's ERA in 2018, did not attend the awards ceremony. He replied, "My daughter is going to have a second (heart disease) surgery and I'm missing." Lindblum has returned to the United States without renewing his contract with Lotte for his daughter Monroe, who had congenital heart disease after the end of the 2016 season. He moved to Doosan this year "It was a fantastic time for me to feel like a family member after joining the team," said Seoul and Doosan.

Northern League batting average· Lee Ji-yeol (23), a police baseball team member who won two RBIs, Police baseball team got many opportunities and got good grades. The police officer, who is pursuing the abolition of the duty police baseball team in 2023, has decided to stop selecting new players (police officers) from the police baseball team this year. In the second round of the second round of the Nexen in 2014, Lim Geo-yeol hit .380, 22 homers and 79 RBI in 91 games in the Northern League this year.

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