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3Q earnings results Nexon, industry 'first place' retracement visualization


Nexon's game throne is likely to be resold this year, with the third-quarter earnings of the domestic game industry unfolding.

Netmarble, which won the top spot in the game industry with Lineage 2 Revolution last year, and NCsoft, one of the largest game companies, posted a decline in earnings, while Nexon showed steep growth, with cumulative sales exceeding 2 trillion won to be.

According to the related industry on September 9, the announcement of the results of the three major domestic game companies in the third quarter ended with the end of NCsoft.

First, Nexon recorded sales of 696.1 billion won and operating profit of 238.1 billion won in the third quarter. Sales and operating profit rose 15% YoY and 4% YoY, respectively.

'Dungeon and Fighter' and 'Maple Story' are the main backgrounds of the success of the long-term success.

"The Dungeon & Fighter, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in China, continued to grow steadily with national holidays and summer updates. MapleStory posted double-digit sales growth "He said.

Sales in North America, Europe and elsewhere have more than doubled over the same period. We believe that the 'Choice' of Pixel Berry Studios in the US and the 'Best of' in the US, including the sales of 'Darkness Lights' (Dark Avenger 3) and Maple Story M, which launched global services in June and July, respectively,

In the same period, Net Marble recorded sales of 526 billion won and operating profit of 67.3 billion won. Sales decreased 9.6% YoY and operating profit 39.8% YoY. Compared with the previous quarter, both sales and operating profit grew 5.0% and 8.2%, respectively.

The fact that the 'Iron Throne', 'Knights Chronicle', and 'Phantom Gate', which were introduced this year, failed to produce clear results is attributed to poor performance.

Lee Moon-jong, a researcher at Shinhan Financial Investment Corporation, said, "Sales of the main game, Lineage 2 Revolution, fell 15% QoQ, and the sales of the game continued to decline while both new releases and box- After-sales marketing expenses have increased while sales per game have been declining. We expect earnings improvement to be possible from January next year. "

Sales and operating profit both declined 44% and 58% YoY, respectively. NCsoft's 3Q sales and operating profit were W403.8bn and W139bn, respectively. The release of new titles such as Lineage 2M, Blade & Soul 2, Aion 2, and Project TL, which are expected to be released this year, is expected to be released next year.

In 4Q08, both Netmarble and NCsoft are expected to see no significant earnings improvement, and Nexon is expected to surpass 3 trillion won in annual sales. Nexon's annual sales last year was 2.9287 trillion won. In the same period, Netmarble and NCsoft recorded KRW2,442.8 billion and KRW1,758.7 billion respectively.

"As NetMarble ranks first in the industry last year, Nexon's remuneration has become the biggest concern this year," said an official from the game industry. "With solid performance expected in the fourth quarter, said.

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