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Choi Jung, KS 4th prefecture … PS Most Recorded '14 '


On the afternoon of the 9th, it was the first time in the SK W Happy Dream Stadium in Incheon, and the 2018 professional baseball Shinhan Bank Maika KBO South Korea Series 4 game Doosan Bears and SK Wyverns 3-1 at the end of the game 1 and 2 situation, SK Choi Jeongi Doosan starter pitcher Lindblum Helm . 2018.11.9 / News 1 © News1

SK Wyverns Choi Jung-eun set the record for the best ball post season.

Choi Jung-eun started on the 9th in Incheon SK Happy Dream Stadium with a 3-hitter in third in the Korean Series 4 game against the Doosan Bears in the 2018 Shinhan Bank Mika KBO League.

Choi Jung Eun struck second in the first and second in the third inning. Doosan starter Josh Lindblum threw the ball in the third in a 2 strike situation and headed for Choi.

Before the game, Choi Jung-eun was in possession of 13 of the best balls in the postseason with the right balls, along with NC Dynos Park Sukmin.

Choi added one dune and set a record for the most body in the postseason (14).

SK, who had a 1-0 lead, scored one more goal with Choi Jung-soo, but Jamie Rohm and Park Jung-kwon struck out in a row to make it back.

SK's 1-0 lead in the fourth inning.
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