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Dodgers Ryu Hyun-jin, sluggish recently, will rest on 9th

Ryu Hyun-jin, who is taking a break from the beat, makes another escape against the Mets.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, is scheduled to start the away season with the 2019 Major League New York Mets in City Field, Flushing, New York. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was beaten four consecutive times with 4.1 innings and three runs in the Colorado Rockies on the 5th, has a nine-day break under Dave Roberts' consideration, and he starts with the Mets.

Ryu Hyun-jin made his eighth win on May 31 against the Mets with a 7.2 innings, four hits and seven strikeouts. However, the Mets, who are fiercely competing against the Mets at the time of 50%, are different in power and momentum. In addition, his opponents are Jacob Digrom, who is currently the most bent in the majors. Can Ryu Hyun-jin get a multiplier in a month beyond the walls of the Mets and Digroms?

    Ryu Hyun-jin (Los Angeles Dodgers) are backing up for the 2019 Major League (MLB) match against the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles on November 11 (local time).

Hyunjin Ryu (Los Angeles Dodgers, Photo)Ⓒ AP / Yonhap News

It can't be any worse than that

Ryu Hyun-jin, who recorded 12 wins and 2 losses and 1.45 ERA in the first 22 games since the opening of the season, has fallen to 3 defeats 9.95 in 4 innings with 19 innings, 31 hits, 5 home runs and 7 walks. There have never been more than five innings during this period, and the season's ERA has risen exactly 1.00. Ryu Hyunjin's sluggishness was severe in the last four games, so he wondered if a pitcher who had no physical problems could be so sluggish in a short time.

The National League Cy Young competition, which was considered as the number one candidate until July, is also far from virtually evaluated. DiGrom, who sprinted 5-1, 1.85 in 11 games in the second half, climbed steeply (231), and Stephen Strasbourg (Washington Nationals) also won many victories (17 wins) and 191 innings (191 innings). It is resolving the weakness of the somewhat higher average ERA (3.49).

Indeed, if he suffered so badly in four consecutive games, he would have had time to rearrange, not Ryu Hyunjin, but Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers) or Max Schurzer (Washington). It is clear that Ryu Hyunjin's problems are linked to bad sexuality, as indicated by the local media, or 'command', as Ryu Hyunjin diagnosed himself.

In fact, the Dodgers' manager Roberts gave Ryu Hyun-jin a break from his three-game campaign against Baltimore Orioles, where Ryu Hyun-jin was scheduled to start. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was sluggish in six games and six innings in one game against Baltimore, is fortunate to have changed his order to the Mets, who are 4-1, 1.38. But it's not a good thing that your opponent is determined by the Mets. The Mets' momentum has never been more recent.

Can you find the Dodgers starter 'Big 3' phase with the rising Mets?

The Mets, who ended their first half at 40-50, climbed into the National League wildcard competition in a steep climb from 36 games to 20 games in 56 games in the second half. The Mets are currently pursuing two wins between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers (over 78 wins and 68 losses), who are tied for second at the wild card. to be.

In other words, Ryu Hyunjin's biggest hitter, who is leading the Mets' upside in the second half, is' Super Rookie 'Pete Alonso. Alonso has a 47-run run through the 13th, leading the league lead. For Ryu, he needs extra vigilance and concentration when dealing with Alonso, who has hit 13 homers this year. In his first meeting on May 31, Ryu Hyun-jin hit three strikers, one hit and two strikeouts against Aloso.

Metz's starting pitcher, who will face Ryu Hyun-jin, has been mentioned as the most powerful National League Cy Young video candidate in the field since late August. Boasting a brilliant career, including a rookie of the year in 2014, three All-Star awards, and last year's National League Cy Young, DiGrom is aiming for a back-to-back Sai video this year with outstanding performances. Obviously, he's a bit of a tough opponent for Ryu, but on the contrary, if he catches Digrom, he can shake off his last four games at once.

    Los Angeles Dodgers Ryu Hyun-jin made a start for the 2019 Major League (MLB) match against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix Chasefield, Arizona, on the 29th.

Hyunjin Ryu (Los Angeles Dodgers, Photo)Ⓒ AP / Yonhap News

The Dodgers were beaten on the left knee in just 0.2 innings when left-handed Rich Hill faced a big league return in the final match against Baltimore on the 13th. That's why the Dodgers' fall preparations, which confirmed their seventh consecutive title on the 11th, are still a bit unsettling. Therefore, Ryu Hyun-jin, who has secured a postseason starting position early, needs to show his trusty pitch at the end of the season. That's why the Mets are very important to Ryu Hyunjin as well as the Dodgers.

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