Sunday , April 18 2021

Identify large meteor impact craters below 1 km of glacier in Greenland

It was the first time a collision zone was found where a large meteorite fell off the snow and ice layer of Greenland.

The collision zone, found about 1 km below the ice sheet about 1 km from the glacier of the Hiawata Gulf of Greenland Northwest, is 31 km wide and is found within the 25th largest meteorite crash zone found on Earth.

Danish natural history museum geologist Dr. Kjarr first analyzed the terrain map of the newly created Greenland glacier by US NASA in July 2015, and it was the first clue to find a round recess in the area of ​​Hiawatta.

Dr. Kjarr's team initially did not think it was a meteorite collision, but after three years of checking, it concluded that the collapse was caused by a collision of a meteorite of about 1 km in diameter, and the results were reported in the Science Journal ' Sys' latest issue.

The researchers mounted a next-generation radar on the aircraft of the Alfred Wegener Research Center and flew over the glacier of Hiawatta to precisely measure the terrain under the ice layer. As a result, they observed a typical rim, middle elevation, and base rock debris .

(Photo: Danish Museum of Natural History / Yonhap News)

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