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Next-generation low-end phone with premium phone performance

Domestic and overseas smartphone makers are fiercely competing to dominate the domestic low-end phone market at the end of the year. China XiaomiFirst launched new products through three domestic telecom companies Samsung Electronics · LG ElectronicsWill launch a new series of mid- to low-priced smartphones worth 200,000 to 400,000 won in a row against the Chinese offensive. CJ Hello And even those who are at the forefront are competing with the low-end phone market as they release specialized phones such as "Teenager (study hard) phone" and "Banana phone".

The new mid and low priced new products that are launched recently are becoming popular among staple consumers who pay less than half the price while paying attention to the cost ratio (price / performance), even though they are equipped with premium phone functions. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy A7, which was sold by Samsung Electronics last month on March 23, sold 400,000 won and sold 100,000 units in less than a month. "As China's smartphone performance improves dramatically, there is a strong possibility that the domestic market will be overwhelmed, so Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are also active in defending the market," an official in the telecom industry said.

◇ Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, "can not yield to China"

Samsung Electronics will unveil its Galaxy J4 Plus (+), a mid-priced phone with a price of 200,000 won. The smartphone features multitasking (simultaneous operation) that shows two applications (applications) at the same time on one screen. A Samsung official said, "I was aiming for students in their 10th and 20th year who were browsing the Internet and watching videos while exchanging messages with their friends during the winter vacation season."

Major new low-end phones

LG Electronics is planning to launch 'Q9' for 400,000 won next month. This product is equipped with 'Super Bright Display' (premium outdoor display) and 'Boom Box Speaker' sound, which are well received in the premium phone G7.

Chinese companies such as Xiao Mei and Huawei are also uncomfortable in the mid to low-end market. Xiaomi launches 'Poko Phone F1' for 400,000 won through three communication companies on the 19th. This is the first time that Chinese smartphones are launched simultaneously from three telecom companies. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is mainly used in premium phones. Storage memory (64 gigabytes) and battery capacity (4000 milliamps) are also premium. Huawei KTAnd launched the 'VW iPhone 3' for 300,000 won last month. And two 16-megapixel and two-megapixel cameras on the back.

◇ Tonghong phone · Radio phone … Unique low-end phone

There are also featured mid to low-priced phones that are aimed at a specific user base such as "Tonghong (Study hard) phone", "7080 music phone", "radio phone" and "banana phone". A flat phone company SK TelinkAnnounced on October 13 that it will launch 'My Own Study Phone', a specialized smartphone for candidates, at the price of 100,000 won. China ZTE, This smartphone will block games and social media while studying, and can be used to select only learning videos or electronic dictionary apps. In the second half of this year, CJ Hello will launch a 'Youth Music Phone (Samsung Galaxy J3)' with a total price of KRW 200,000, which includes 1100 songs of 7080 music enjoyed by middle-aged and older customers, and 'Blackberry Key 2' I got it. The company plans to launch the Nokia 8110, which is known as the banana phone, at the end of the month for around 100,000 won. It features a banana-like design that will appeal to customers in their 10s and 20s.

New products with radio-specific features have also appeared. KT PowertelThe 'Rajesh S', which was unveiled on the last 13 days, has a separate radio button so that it can be easily exchanged as a group. For example, at the construction site, a team leader can say "S" by pressing the radio button, and dozens of team members can receive the radio at the same time. An official of a telecommunication company said, "Smart phones with different functions have been launched in order to attract diverse consumers and attract loyal customers in the upwardly normalized smartphone market."

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