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[KS]"I am very good at helicopter helm"


[KS]'Passion' Hilman

SK failed to catch both of the away matches. Tracy Hillman praised the pitching of the opponent.

SK lost 3-7 to Doosan Korea in the second leg of the Korean Series on May 5 at Jamsil Stadium. Moon Seung-won gave three runs and one run and three runs. He allowed two runs and a home run in the fourth inning, and did not prevent his opponent from rising. Kim Kang-min was on the other side. Five times in the sacrifice flystate, and seven times in the runner-up against two runners. However, the third batter, Choi Jung, was struck out in the pursuit and failed to score extra. In the 8th, they did not capture the opponent's bullpen that led to Park Chik-gook, Kim Seung-ho, and Ham-deok.

I have won one win against the opponent. There was a performance. Kim Kwang-hyun and Merrill Kelly are aiming to win in the third and fourth legs. After the game, Manager Hillman said, "Moon Seung-won's pitching was good.

– Defeat. If you comment.
"Doosan starter Farukoff had a good pitch, and he had a good fastball and a good grip on the fastball, and he also threw a two-seamer, and Moon Seung-won's pitching was good, but it was not bad except the numbers (four runs). It is also the same as Yoon Hee-sang's pitching of salvation. "It is a pity that Shin Jae-woong sent off with a leading batter walks.

– Sanchez did not appear in the crisis in the eighth inning. Only in a winning situation.
"Sanchez was in a situation where his back was stretched, he would not risk playing with the risk, and after the third game he could come out without problems."

– Why Merrill Kelly is in the third game.
"It is turn."

– Salvation The pitching content of Shin Jae Woong is not good.
"I used Jeong Young-il as a closure in the first game. I talked a few times, but I will stick to the situation."

– Choi 's strike was not good.
"It's not just Choi Jeong-eun, he's a good player.

– In the eighth, Kim Dong-yeop's batter was a relatively weak Ham Dae-yoo pitcher. I did not think about the other day.
"I did not think it was going to be a bad result, but I thought it was a good idea to go to the batter who has been in the game for 7 times and has hit the pitcher."

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