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Lee Jang-woo, Yui, kissing ♥ Confirm "You only need it" (synthesis)


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Lee Jang-woo and Yui confirmed their love with a kiss.

On KBS 2TV weekend drama 'One Only Only' (Hong Suk-ku, directed by Kim Sang-kyung), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of October 10, Kim Do-Ran (Yi Bin) who confirmed his love by kissing was portrayed.

On this day, Kim Do-Ran confided to the king continent confessing his heart to himself, "I do not think that I can meet with the head of the department anyway. "I do not want to be blamed," I cried, saying, "I do not want to be criticized.

But the king continent replied, "I too have had difficulty and difficulty in liking Mr. Doran, so I gave up giving up on my heart to love Mr. Doran, why? I only have Mr. Donan. I confessed, "I had Kim Do – Ran. Eventually, the two men cried with tears, and confirmed each other's hearts.

On this day, Kang Su-il (Choi Jae-jong) decided to continue the relationship between Kim Do-Ran (Yui-min) and the King's Continent (Lee Jang-woo). I opened my mind to the figure that King continent cares for Kim Do-ran with seriousness while suffering an accident and trying to save for the petty bottle (Jung Jae-soonn).

Kang Soo-il took Kim Woo-ran, who was awake, to his home and sat in his room and said, "I can not do anything for you, but you are a dad who is not worthy of anything for you. The general manager carried you up and saved you. If it is possible, my dad will be able to leave with ease. This dad will do whatever you and the general manager can do well. "

Capture One-on-One Movies © News1

Since then, the operation of Gangsuil began in earnest. Finally, I decided to take Kim Dong-Ran, who was injured on the commuter's legs, by the instructions of the King's Chairman (Park Sang-won)

Kang Su-il went to the king's land and said, "The last time you asked me to help you get along with Kim, I kept trying to help you."

He also said, "I am going to wait," and Kang Su-il is saying, "Kim is liking the head of the department, why is he not always saying that he likes it and is afraid of being hurt? .

He said, "I am sorry to see that the general manager yesterday, Kim Byeonseo is running up and running, and I am afraid that he is misunderstood when Kim Byo is mistaken or I am in pain.

Afterwards, Kang Su-il made a trip to the king's continent and drove Kim Doran to his house as a car from the continent of the kingdom. King Continental helped Kim to go to work early in the morning.

Kim Donan sensed the lies of two people and said to Gang Sui, "But when I was hurt, I got a lot of thoughts. I have only one time, but now I want to be happy with the person I like. "Do not you like Kim?

Kang Su-il said, "Believe me and go only once. I think that Kim is the one who keeps him in any difficult situation." Kim Doran shed tears.

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