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SK Mungyeong's director, Haynes, also says he can "win"


On the afternoon of the 20th, the professional basketball Seoul SK and Anyang KGC competitions were held at Seoul Jamsil Student Gymnasium. Seoul MK is watching the game. Jamshil = reporter Song Jung-heon [email protected]/2018.10.30/

"When your body is restored, I know you're in trouble!"

When will the SK Knights in Seoul become a 'perfect'? Originally scheduled to be held at Jamsil Student Gym on July 7th, 2018 ~ 2019 SKT 5GX Pro Basketball Incheon E-Land Competition with Elipants was 'D-day'. It was because Ernie Haines, who was at the center of the team's attack that injured his knee cruciate ligament before the season, was scheduled to play for the day. In the absence of Haynes, SK, who finished well in the first round with 5 wins and 4 losses, was expected to gain more momentum after Haynes returned.

However, the SK team and Mungyeong have been delaying the "Perfect Day", which the director had been waiting for so long. Haines, who recovered from a knee injury, suffered a severe cold from a few days ago. Forward Kim Min-soo appealed for back pain here, and he can not come out before the Eternal. The day I expected to be a power-saving day was rather a day of power minus.

So when SK Mungyeong met before the match, the manager seemed to be somewhat out of hand. Moon said, "I can not help it because the player's status is important." Haynes was not able to play the game really well. The tonsils were swollen and dizzy, and I met him before I came to the stadium, "I ended up jokingly saying, 'If you are all right, you'll get hurt.'" Hines also nodded his head. An injury is unavoidable, but a cold can be seen as failure of a player's condition management. So Haines was also very sorry.

However, Mun, the director, said, "I still can win." It is the head of one team ahead of the game. He said, "Even if Haynes or Kim Min Soo can not come up, I will strengthen my defense by lavishing all 12 players today." "Our team's double-team defense is not outdone by any team, and we expect Kim Sun-hyung and Oderan Basset to release it in one-and-one punches," he added.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, Haines' return point is an important point in SK's future strategy for the next season. Maybe a little more rest because of a cold can help a little more with your knee. In the meantime, SK should make good use of the combination of domestic players and foreign players Basset. Moon seems to be confident about the part. Such confident was drawing out the declaration "can win" in the mouth of the moon coach.

Jamshil student = Lee Wonman reporter [email protected]

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