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Cheongju District Court Judge, same court defendant
9 times near the court · 6.36 million won
I often call "Brother" · "Brother"
I tried to introduce the defendant to the tribunal.
Court finds no evidence

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The Supreme Court has confirmed the innocence of a former judge who received millions of won worth of torture for a felony victim who had been tried by another court in the same court during his tenure as a judge. They called each other "Brother" and "Brother" and frequently contacted them, but for the vague reason, "It seems that they have not talked about the contents of the trial at all". The court heard innocent rice prices for judges, expensive defenders in expensive nightclubs, and honorably found guilty at restaurants and bars near the court.
  The Supreme Court on Tuesday said that the former judge Kim Jae-woo (41, Judicial Research and Training Institute), who was indicted on charges of bribery, has confirmed the sentence of innocence. Mr. Kim was introduced to Mr. No (40) by a defendant in the Cheongju District Court, who was a motive for the Judicial Research and Training Institute in July 2013, when he was a Chungju District Court Judge. After that, the two people met each other 9 times at intervals of 7 to 10 days at nightclubs. Kim, a former lawyer, opened a lawsuit in early 2014, and after two years, Lee sued Kim for demanding the return of 20 million won in entertainment expenses. The prosecution indicted Kim for being charged with the 6,660,000 won incident with the trial court.
  Lee said during a prosecution investigation and trial, "I told him that I was on trial for the first time I met Kim." However, the first deputy, Daejeon District Attorney 12 (Judge Park Chang-jae), pronounced innocence in January saying, "Lee's statements are hard to believe." The court said, "Lee met Kim several times and drank for a long time and did not give a specific story about the ongoing trial, nor did he ask for help by telephone or text message. This is quite unusual in the behavior of a person who has asked for mediation and provided several entertainment ". I have been told that I am being tried in the Cheongju District Court, and I have not said what the contents are, so it is hard to see it as a bribe. The judge said, "As a former judge, Kim may have thought that Lee, who has a financial advantage, is offering entertainment by his" friendly relationship "with him.
  In particular, two of them ate dinner together at the Samgyupsal house near Cheongju-ji, and Kim went to the Cheongju prosecutors who were at other tables and greeted them. It would not have been such a meeting if there was a request. " The prosecutor, the judge, the defendant, and the lawyer have taken innocent grounds to the distorted landscape of the local legal system that 'suits'. The Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea (Supreme Court of Korea), who was the chief judge of the Supreme Court of Daejeon High Court for the second term, ruled not guilty of the fact I confirmed.
  The court has been very stingy with the recognition of the judge's allegation of 'bribe for trial'. The Supreme Court ruled in the case of former Supreme Court Justice Kim Su-chun last year, It was because "it is quite unusual to give a bribe in anticipation of a trial beforehand" because it was before the first trial when the receipt of money of 165 million won including foreign car was still in progress.
  Kim Min Kyung reporter [email protected]

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