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Sports Korea:[E!현장] 'Door lock' in everyday life, becoming a fear … Gong Hyo-jin's own previous thriller (comprehensive)


[스포츠한국 조은애 기자] If there is no other way around, doorway door cover is open? Fear comes to my head with my imagination. The realistic close thriller 'Doorlock' challenges 100% of the audience sympathy.

On the morning of the 6th, Megabox Dongdaemun, Jung-gu, Seoul, the production report of the movie "Door Lock" (supervising right) was held. Actors Ko Hyo-jin, Kim Yewon, Kim Sung-oh and Lee Kwon-kwon attended the ceremony.

'Door lock' is a work that depicts a story that begins when an open door lock, a trace of a stranger 's intrusion, and a murder case occurs in a one – room room of Kyung – min (Ko Hyo – jin) living alone. In 1999, after the film 'The Second Story of Girls' Ghost Story', the director and actor Gong Hyo-jin, who had reunited in 19 years, showed affection for the work with an unusual talk from the beginning. The two men, who were acquainted with the young actor and the slate leader, made a 'door lock' by debating nightly discussions based on sticky companionship. It was this director who persuaded Gong Hyo Jin, who does not prefer the usual thriller.

Lee said, "I think that Gong Hyo-jin has an appeal to the public. It creates a consensus. I called him because he could easily give us a scenario, and he said he was going to Bali tomorrow. Gong Hyo-jin said, "Oh, if you are a 'ah,' you are in good hands with each other." "I did not want to be a thriller at first, but my boss just persuaded me. It was a very ordinary character but I wanted to make it meaningful. I had a funny conversation. And I liked the bishop so much. The previous work of the bishop was also good, "he said.

The director explained, "The culture that lives alone in Korean society is becoming a phenomenon. We have created a thriller through scenes and settings that people can live with."

Actor Gong Hyo-jin played an ordinary 30-year-old woman, Kyungmin, who is anxious about the intrusion of a stranger. Following his release of Missing: Missing Woman in 2016, he is looking forward to another real thriller. Gong Hyo-jin said to Kyung-min, "At first, the boss gave me a scenario and said, 'You will hate it.' It seemed quite plain, but it seemed to be a special case because I did not do anything ordinary. It is a woman who does not have a lover and somehow has a headache that she does not know.

"I live alone, and sometimes I want to have my mom." Though the thriller is a bit over-sleeping, even Kyungmin is not feeling well in the workplace because he does not know what he is doing. I have a lot of conversations with my character based on those basic settings. "

"It was cold because there was no warmth in the place where I shot it, and it is cold now," said Gong Hyo-jin, who had to run at minus 17 degrees. It was a long padding to reflect the times that the movie was kind to everyone. "

In addition, Kim Hyoung-won, who is a strong supporter of Kyungmin, Hyunju, and Kim Seong-oh, Lee Hyung-sa, who tracks the incident, Kim Sung-oh said, "It is not a bad guy character, I did not think it was complicated, but I had a real detective who lives like a suspicious person. Kim said, "It was like a tough horse, but it was a warm shooting spot.

The director said, "Kim Yeo-won is very interested in the film," Nam-Nam Ramen Shop "and I cast it with Kim Seong-oh. I was able to do it. "

Finally, Gong Hyo-jin said, "The movie is so good that the trailer reaction is so good that I will not see it because I'm too scared, I do not have any ghosts but I am sure it will be scary on my own, but please do not be too scared because I'm talking about people." I feel like it is good, but I have only done movies that are not kind, but this time, I think everyone can enjoy it. "

The door lock will be released on December 5th.

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