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ABC reality show "Grandma" latest series – Entertainment

Riga, the capital of Latvia, has been selected as the newest place on ABC's latest "The Bachelorette" series. The main character of the show, Hanna Braun, will continue her journey of love. The remaining nine showers hope to conquer her heart. This 15th season "Grandma" series will air on ABC on Monday, June 24, 2019. 20:00 EST.

Thanks to the medieval old towns and vast dykes, Riga provided a romantic environment for the Hanagawa trip. This exciting series combines her with her to watch dinner at the Riga History and Navigation Museum and the luxurious Riga Latvian Society House, one of the largest markets in Europe. It shows a scene. In addition to the climax of this series, it will be revealed which participant will continue to participate in the show with the rose from the Blackhead House.

There is a picturesque Gauja National Park in Riga, and Hannah Braun and one of the lucky Vecpiene have the opportunity to enjoy the adrenaline inflow. Mountain areas are known for their outdoor activities due to ski slopes, forest trails and cable cars.

Likewise, bathing culture is popular in Latvia. With the help of a bachelor, Hanna Braun enjoyed this herb and spiritual consciousness that could be cleansed and strengthened. Could you give her the clarity needed to make the most important decisions?

Hanna Braun showed him and the whole of America as Colton Andervud became interested in the "Old Guy" show for the 23rd season. Hanna was from Alabama. She was a funny rural girl who was not ashamed of herself. After she unexpectedly voted, Hannah spent some time thinking about what had happened. I clearly understood her deeply and strongly loved love. With her new self-esteem and some southern charm she was ready to find her true love show "Grandfather" in the 15th season, which premiered ABC on Monday, May 13th.

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