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Men are more active in recreational activities (cold, humid and windy) that can cause blushing due to parachute jumping, water sports, skiing and other bad weather. "When a woman finds a more pronounced vein in front of her face, men begin to concentrate only when their vascular problems are related to the skin – cheeks and noses become red and the problem is irreversible. Laser therapy is often used to reduce the appearance of non- We recommend using protective creams and choosing the right product every day for prevention, "says Linda Kapteine-Veita, a dermatologist at SIA Veselības Centra 4.

Nappy and other varieties

It is a good idea to consult your dermatologist if you are constantly exposed to mechanical effects, or if there are nevi, papillomas, and other neoplasms in your place of appearance and appearance and color changes. If the spots regularly hurt (eg malignant melanoma when shaving a beard) there is a risk. It is advisable to remove these nodules, especially if they are nodules in the risk group.

It is desirable to remove or at least diagnose the various neoplasms that are located between the eyes and the nose. The reason for this is not only non-aspiration, but also because it is most commonly malignant and causes skin cancer. "FotoFinder in Latvia is a very innovative skin cancer diagnostic method that acts as a" skin detective. "The latest tumors are automatically analyzed and compared during testing to help track skin changes and detect possible malignancies," says SIA. . Health Center 4 "branch dermatology clinic" dermatologist Linda Kapteine-Veita.


Body hair is often regarded as a "symbol" of male, but hair seems to interfere with strong sexual intercourse and is also extrinsic. For example, if a person dips in the summer, it is advisable to remove the hair from the armpit. Also for businesspeople, signing a contract may make your neck look unimportant if your wrist is strengthened or the collar is visible on the collar. Often men can correct not only their ears, nose, and nose but also thick, rough or irregularly shaped eyebrows.

Of course, you can remove your hair hanging. But nowadays laser therapy is considered the most effective and painless method. SIA "Veselības centrs 4" filiāles "Dimension" and "Jugla Clinic" dermatologist Sandra Vizule acknowledge that cutting-edge device technology has many advantages over other laser removal methods. "But the most important thing is to perform this procedure with a trained specialist under the supervision of a physician who will choose the most suitable laser device for the most appropriate solution. Like all skin types have their own creams or medicines for health problems, Each hair with its structure and location requires individual access, "says S. Vizule.

Scar Male hears the news, but unfortunately acne vulgaris (acne) scars do not make face or body. It is generally recommended for dermatologists who plan to remove scars (age, depth, color, relief), taking into account emergence. We recommend the most appropriate method from cosmetic skin bleaching to laser lining procedures.

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