Saturday , June 3 2023

FKTK imposes penalties of 10 euros and 5,000 euros for Grindeks and Riga shipyard.


On February 11, the Financial Markets Commission (FCMC) imposed a fine of 5,000 euros on the joint venture "Riga Shipyard", which violated the requirements of the Financial Equipment and Markets Act.

"Grindeks" imposes this penalty because the capital company has not circulated the 2017 annual report together with a report of the Board of Auditors pledged under the terms specified in the law.

For Riga Shipyard, such penalties were imposed because the capital company did not circulate the reports of the auditors owed, the financial information for the first three months of the 2018 fiscal year, and the interim report for the first half of 2018 under conditions and laws. Month of the reporting year.

In either case, the penalty will be reflected in the state budget.

Riga Vidzeme District Court The May 28th has been reported to have filed a lawsuit against the "Riga Shipyard" legal protection process.

Last year, shipbuilding and repair company "Rīgas kuþu būvētava" was € 12.853 million, down 38.1% from 2016 and the company recorded a loss of € 308.121. Nasdaq Riga "Annual Report. The Company's Statutory Auditor's Opinion on the 2017 Annual Report is a reservation.

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