Thursday , February 2 2023

Kariņš: As Covid-19 morbidity rises, tighter restrictions need to be decided-Social and Politics-News


The Prime Minister emphasized that the situation due to the spread of Corona 19 is very serious after the joint meeting of the government and the crisis management council.

Kariņš has expressed concern that the healthcare system is becoming increasingly tense. “The hospital had to narrow the range of services available to other patients in order to increase the number of beds for patients with Corona 19,” the prime minister said.

He added that if the corona 19 incidence rate does not decline and hospital loads continue to increase, the government will impose tighter restrictions.

Kariņš stressed that the situation with the spread of Covid-19 is serious, although the government has not yet decided to introduce stricter regulations.

“I invite everyone to think about themselves, their relatives, neighbors, friends, restrictions on contact, visitation, not gathering,” the Prime Minister stressed.

According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), 278 cases of Corona 19 were found in the past day, but it has already been reported that six patients have died.

Six people who were confirmed to be infected with Corona 19 died last day. The ages of the deceased patients ranged from 70 to 75 years and 80 to 85 years, two of them 75 to 80 years old, and two of them between 90 and 95 years old. So far, 132 people confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 have died in Latvia.

Last day, 6059 cases of Corona 19 were investigated, but the positive reaction rate was 4.6%. SPCC previously explained that this figure is considered important in the European Union. If it exceeds 4%, this is because the spread of the disease is fast and is considered uncontrolled.

SPKC received information about another 42 people who had recovered from Covid-19. So far, a total of 10,914 people have been confirmed to be infected with Corona 19 in Latvia, but 1,557 have recovered by November 17th.

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