Monday , October 3 2022

Latvian new company Giraffe360 attracts investment


The new robot company “Giraffe360”, founded in Latvia, has signed an investment of 4.5 million dollars. The main investors for this round were venture capital funds LAUNCHub Ventures and Hoxton Ventures, and venture capital funds HCVC (Hardware Club) and Change Ventures, company officials said.

Giraffe360 has created a unique technology that real estate companies subscribe to. It consists of a self-made 3D room scan camera that can create precise layouts, high-quality photos and virtual tours at the touch of a button.

The same goes for other digital content formats, such as 3D dot clouds. The Giraffe360 solution makes it easy to create high-quality visual content for real estate advertising.

The Giraffe360 service is currently in use in 26 countries. The most users are in the UK with Giraffe360 sales offices.

“Customers’ interest in our technology has been heightened by the introduction of social exclusion rules in Europe. Remote presentation of properties has become much more necessary. In order to serve our rapidly growing customers, we have the camera’s production and digital processing capacity. We are paying a lot of attention to increasing the number of products. Last summer we opened a camera factory in Riga, which continues to strengthen Liepaja’s digital file processing team,” said Mikus Opelts, co-founder and CEO of Giraffe360.

Giraffe360 is a camera and software technology for indoor scanning. The company was founded in Latvia in 2016. The authors of the idea are brothers Mikus and Madars Opelti. The company has offices in Liepaja, Riga and London, where over 70 people work together.
During its operation, the company invested a total of 6.8 million dollars.

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