Thursday , March 30 2023

RNAšēvičam's suspect is in another criminal lawsuit in the office of KNAB


Ilmars Rimsevics, the Governor of the Bank of Latvia (LB), has a suspect in another criminal case against the Anti-Corruption and Destruction Bureau (KNAB), according to LETA agency information.

Whether any provision of the criminal law was transferred to Rimšēvičs and whether this case could be related to the case surrounding the ABLV bank was not disclosed publicly. Latvian Television said Rimšēvičs was suspected in the process following the two provisions of the Criminal Code on bribery claims and abuse of official status.

Rimshevich's lawyer, Juris Grīnvalds, did not comment on the case. In addition, former attorney general Aldis Pundurs, special attorney general, did not comment on whether Rimšēvičs had given misleading information to the US authorities about the "ABLV Bank". Likewise, Ernests Bernis, owner of ABLV Bank, is not commenting.

In March of this year, the Latvian TV program stated that the KNAB actually initiated criminal proceedings following the submission of ABLV bank representatives and that the criminal proceedings could be directly or indirectly related to the Financial Crisis Department of the US Treasury (FinCEN). Bribery of public officials. The management of ABLV Bank explicitly denied bribery, but after disclosing the report, appealed to KNAB and other law enforcement agencies.

The KNAB did not disclose the criminal procedure initiated under the Criminal Code. Also this week, the KNAB Authority (LETA) said that the provisions of the criminal law were investigated and did not disclose if there were any suspects, but in an e-mail commentary, "people involved in the proceedings have the right to defend."

"The KNAB records criminal proceedings in connection with the submission of ABLV bank representatives and the CPCB does not provide detailed information on the specific criminal procedure and the individuals concerned because the criminal proceedings are in the process of being investigated. "KNAB commented," We should not claim that anyone is guilty of criminal offense. "

Rimšēvičs and entrepreneur Maris Martinsons are now in the office of the Attorney General and have been indicted for other criminal proceedings previously investigated by the KNAB. Martinson was indicted on charges of bribery, but was charged with bribery this summer.

Viorika Jirgena, a senior prosecutor, said the case began after KNAB filed two shareholders of AS "Trasta komercbanka" (TKB). In the case, the two shareholders appeared as bribes in the case but were voluntarily exempted from criminal responsibility because they found law enforcement agencies as information about the case.

Jirgens said one of its shareholders has appealed to Limbecks in a request to support matters related to the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FCMC) in 2010 as Rimšēvičs provides a recreational trip to Kamchatka. In 2012, the shareholder will return to Rimsevich for help with other issues related to FCMC. For payment, Rimsevich required € 500,000, which is paid twice before and after FCMC's decision.

The prosecutor emphasized that since the 2010 agreement, Limbe Bit has sought to influence FCMC decisions by repeatedly advising TKB shareholders. This consultation was provided after the 2012 agreement, but Rimsevic influenced FCMC to make favorable decisions for TKB, but at the same time adopted adverse decisions. One of the forms of support provided by Rimsevich, the inspections helped prepare the answers to questions raised by FCMC regarding bank liquidity and non-residential issues.

Jirgens also explained that Rimšēvičs paid the first part, 250,000 euros, because he could not complete his request. According to the prosecution, Martinson acted as an intermediary in the criminal act, receiving 10 percent of the total bribe. The prosecutor added that he was bribed in cash.

In turn, the State Police (VP) procedure is based on criminal proceedings against Grims Guseļņikov, owner of Norvik Bank for Rimsevics. Guselnikov publicly argued that Rimsevich had bribed his credit bureaucracy for years.

Guseļņikov delivered a letter to the Vice President last December on suspicion that the Latvian bureaucrats were trying to force a bribe. Earlier this year, the police publicly announced that the criminal proceedings had begun. Criminal prosecution for arrest and money laundering has begun. In this criminal proceeding, we investigate the facts mentioned in Norvik Bank's largest shareholder application.

Vice-president spokesman Ilze Jurevica said the criminal proceedings will continue to investigate and verify the information provided. Currently, there is no appropriate person in the criminal proceedings for the suspect's identity, but for the purposes of investigation, the current VP does not usually exist.

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