Saturday , June 3 2023

Sakiri is now closed to Belgrade


Photo: Reuters / Scanpix

England midfielder Jerder Sakiri is unable to play against Crvena Zvezda of UEFA Champions League UEFA Champions League group stage Jirgens Klops.

Kosovo Albanian Kosovo Albanian Swiss team-mate Sakiri, who handed the Albanian flag to the Albanian national flag in a summer cup at the World Cup game against Serbia, showed the silhouette of an eagle.

Sakari and other Swiss-based astronauts, Granit Jak's gestures, and supporters of Serbian favorites. Most Albanian occupation Kosovo declared independence in Serbia in 2008, but Serbia does not recognize Kosovo.

"We have heard about how Sakiri could be accommodated in Belgrade, but we have no idea what will happen," Klops said, "we simply want to concentrate 100% on football and not think about anything else. Adding that he does not give political hints.

"For this reason, Shakiri will not come along, he will accept and understand it." Sakari is our player, we love him, and he is still I will play in the Liverpool shirt but I will not do it on Tuesday, "Klops explained.

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Both teams will be in charge of the C subgroup on Thursday. Liverpool football team won 4-0 in the first leg.

Liverpool scored six goals in three games to keep Group C leader. Naples in fifth place, Saint Germain in Paris fourth, and Cracow in fourth place.

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