Monday , January 30 2023

Serebrenikov denies allegations of money misuse / Article / LSM.LV


The Russian District Court in the Mezhansh region began to essentially investigate the embezzlement of budget funds through the famous organization Kirill Serebrynnikov's Seventh Studio. This trial in the Russian media has already gained the biggest name in recent years. Cerebrenikov and other defendants pointed to authorities' efforts to suppress the freedom of expression of artists by denying their guilt for crime.

The so-called "seventh academic" exam course includes events started seven years ago. According to the investigators, the director of the Gortol Center, former Director of the 7th Studio Jurisits, Alexei Malobrodsky Director of the Igor Center, and Sofia Apfelbauma, Director of the Russian Academy of Youth in Russia.

Those people received 133 million rubles at the same time to realize the project after participating in the Ministry of Culture competition for financing the theater project "Platforma". However, this amount was used immorally, the project price was artificially raised, and eventually the money was recorded by several companies and was actually embezzled. The prosecution also believes that "Seventh Studio" has made a public contract with the Ministry of Culture through personal contacts. All these criminal groups were directed by Serebrenikov.

After reading the rumor, all the suspects stated that they did not agree with the charges. According to Serebrennikov, there was a first public trial after more than a year of house arrest, but the words are understandable but not understandable. According to the director, the Ministry should accurately describe what actions were not properly implemented in the "platform" project. Serebrenikov also reminded that the decision to establish an autonomous nonprofit organization was taken directly by the Ministry and that funding provided by the state was not always transferred on time. He also stressed that he did not understand the nature of the accusation because he did not understand at all.

Serebryanikov's many supporters also took part in the hearing on Wednesday, considering a court suit against the board in an attempt to cope with creative freedom. Srebrenikov has raised criticism of Russian censorship in recent years, warning that everything is returning to the most wise Soviet activities in the past.

The next hearing will be held on Thursday, November 8, and the most important trial in recent years is expected to continue for several weeks.

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