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The decision on the number of Virsliga teams will be taken later – Football –

The LFF board meeting in Astana's Latvian Sample Outside competition was widely discussed on a series of binding issues that affect the conduct of the championship next season and subsequent issues related to the possibility of changes in the first, second and second league championship models In context, LFF says. The Board was introduced to the current conclusions and proposals of a working group specifically created for approval at the next LFF Board meeting held in November.

Virsliga's next season's number of teams will not be accepted until the end of the Ups. The first beat of the Metta / LU yesterday won at 7:02, but the answer game is scheduled for Saturday.

However, the LFF Board decided on the start date of the championship and first league season without the approval of the team next season. The 2019 season will start on October 8-10. Third round, first qualifying round The first round match will be held on 6/7. In April pride, for example, the opening season of this season will be much quicker than the previous season, as it was held on March 31st.

The complexity of the Championship and Chelsea expansion possibilities and limitations on player use can be seen in a working group consisting of LFF President, Kaspars Gorkss, LFF Board Member, Maris Verpakovskis, Artur Zakreševsky and Aleksandrs Isakovs. In addition, LFF Executive Director, Edgar Pukinsks, Secretary General and sports leader Dainis Kazakevics, also attended. The working group on this issue should present one recommendation to the LFF committee at the end of November.

The vision expressed by the previously expressed Latvian Football Association on the development of the championship championship and the future model of cooperation with the LFF, the Federation and the LFF Board of Directors express their willingness to continue active discussions on various proposals, feasibilities and needs. In the near future, all clubs in the Virsliga club will hear their views on club goals and league development in order to strengthen LFF, league and club partnership.

In addition, the LFF committee agreed to renew the audits of existing LFF members when discussing the status of LFF members and registries. Responsible working group meetings were convened to consider the adoption of a specific action plan by the LFF committee, taking into account the organization's great interest in becoming an LFF member, the number of existing large organizations with this status, and the status of current members of the LFF. I will.

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