Monday , September 26 2022

Two killers who killed Polish people in Machete in Ireland are now in Latvia and Lithuania – Overseas – News


On June 10, four criminals in masks broke into Wolf's house in Cork. They started winning a 35 year-old Polish gardener and killed him in a labyrinth. At the same time, his wife Elizabeth and two children were at home.

Elzbieta Vilka was seriously wounded. Physically, the children were not physically disturbed, but the incident left a serious emotional impact.

After this incident, the children's wife returned to the original Poland.

Investigators in Ireland believe that the murder was done by the gangs of Latvia and Lithuania, who were assisted by local Irish criminals.

The survey included Interpol and Europol as well as Latvian, Lithuanian and Police policemen.

Investigators are investigating whether the Baltic criminal group is related to the Russian mafia.

All four attackers left Ireland for 24 hours after the assassination. But there remain about 10 allied nations involved in drug trafficking and theft. In June, the Irish police raided seven properties where nine vehicles were seized.

The motive for the murder is not yet known, but the police reviewed several versions in June. For example, a walk that was borrowed from a gang of about 50,000 euros on foot without knowing the link between the lender and the crime scene, or the work of Wolf's gardener, clashed with gangs. Owned marijuana farm, says Independent..

Irish police have not gathered enough evidence of the murder in June to file a European arrest warrant for the suspect.

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