Wednesday , June 7 2023

Under the cover of the movie "Soul putenis": Rifle makeup and costumes



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Photo: Sanita Ieva Sparāne

The Latvian Cyberspace celebrating Latvia's national holiday will see a video series of the ambitious drama "House of Souls" in Latvian war drama.

The episode "Sagittarius – Makeup and Costume" tells the great accomplishments that makeup and costume designers transform modern people into World War I.

Artificial blood, scarring and serious injury – the creation of such mourning effects during shooting was handled by artists "Dziesma Būtina" artists Dzintra Bijubena and Beata Rjabovskaya.

Movie Background for a Movie Episode When creating the artist Rihard Snow, the artist's dialogue shows how much effort has been put into adjusting modern man's appearance, based on the technology used to create realistic battlefield injuries and movie history.

There is great interest in the costumes of the rifleman. Major costume designer Sandra Sila tells you in detail how the costumes are depicted and how to provide costumes for all actors. For example, on the day of shooting a Christmas battle scene, 200 sniper role producers had to wear clothes.

The film "Soul Blizzard" will be taken by Aleksandra Grīna's novel Soul Putenis, whose preview is scheduled for November 11, 2019.

The "Soul Putt" tracker video series is also available on LMT wired, LMT streams and the Internet.

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