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When we see the Earth's closest asteroid and how we recognize the meteorite's piece / article / LSM.LV


Latvia does not have its own astronaut who would travel to the International Space Station from time to time. We have not even created cosmic trials that go to the remote places of the solar system and know the whole world. But there are names written in space exploration history. Many of them are directly related to the search for asteroids.

The place where many asteroids have been discovered can be found at Baldone, Riekstukalns Observatory. Data obtained at international level has proved to be essential to understanding what will rise above our heads and whether it might fall to Earth once.

We'll see Apofisk on April 13, 2029

Ilgmārs Eglītis has been in the Observatory for over 40 years. Their working days begin in the evening when they are dark and the telescope looks toward the night sky.

The Observatory is a place where time is in line with the stars, because it is important to find the exact reference point in the sky. In this case, it becomes a relatively upcoming star – Denebs, but the truth far from Earth is so far away that we have to travel for more than 3,000 years. When the star begins, how to navigate, find, prepare the technique and work.

The next stars, known to Earth, are 13 billion light years away and require very special telescopes to look at them. The Baldone Schmitt Telescope, however, is perfectly suited for asteroids and comet searches.

There is no guarantee that every time you discover something new, a new object usually spans the whole night, Eglītis says.

To get something new in the sea, there's a special way to distinguish asteroids between stars and other objects. There are three companies with a 20 to 30 minute time shift and moving objects moving in a certain direction.

Thus, by increasing the traces of the dots, we have witnessed dozens of objects that, with tens of meters of stones, move hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth.

The baldon was discovered only in 2008 by the small planet, which is the first open asteroid in Latvia. Many people followed this. In any case, you have the right to name the explorer.

Eglītis says that the word "Baldone" is given in honor of the Baldone Schmitt telescope and inhabited area.

The other name of asteroids discovered in Baldone is related to outstanding personalities of astronomy. As asteroid researchers work with Lithuanian colleagues, some of them are called two people, such as the Sun.

But if an asteroid is a rare group, its name must be found in ancient mythology.

At Baldon there are currently 78 other elements in the "queue" to determine the course and make sure they are actually asteroids.

Of course, human beings are interested in objects that can approach the Earth. If an asteroid is about a million miles from Earth, it can already be seen near the Earth.

One of them – in the name of Apophis – left only 30,000 km in 2029. It will be a bright star, but fortunately the Earth will not touch you.

"Because of the measurements, we can safely miss out on a plus / minus 100 kilometer track," says Eglītis.

Apophis will be visible in 2029 on Friday, April 13th.

Understanding the Movement of Heavenly Objects, how to predict traffic in a city where speed is high, distances are enormous and the traffic involved is countless.

An unusual magnetic rock can be a meteorite

They have always seen asteroids – when we see stars falling in the sky, we are watching the small particles burning in the Earth's atmosphere.

Their original form consists of asteroids, which are known as meteorites on Earth-like parts.

Apparently simple stones – as long as they are sufficiently magnetic, that is, iron – may be the unique space probes that have been around since the birth of the solar system. Scientists can reconstruct the time controlling our system when the planets have just begun.

From this space, such messengers fall from time to time. Some of them do not find it because they are in difficult reach. But there is no shortage of meteors like a lightning strike from the clear sky, surprised people who were not prepared. This was also the case in Latvia.

In a very ancient antiquity, some 300 million years ago, a deep meteorite fell on the site where Dobela has been, and the 4.5-kilometer crater he has created is still deep underground, unfortunately we can not see it.

However, the meteorite decreased in Latvia.

The Gulf meteors, Birzu, Neret, and Baldone – one of the most typical Earth-based witnesses – were all small, ca. 5 kilograms, "says astrophysicist Kagrit Bērziņš, head of the Little Meteorite Museum.

More and more people are involved in searching the meteorites in the world and we have been invited to this in Latvia, but no stone can go to the museum.

However, if you have to deal with your magnetism, it is worth crafting experts who are still aware of what and what is not a meteorite.

In addition to the chemical composition of the meteorite, many researchers say their form. It is possible to recognize the position of a meteorite through the Earth's atmosphere.

Meteors also bombard the surface of other celestial bodies. Often they leave a piece that continues their new asteroid. On Earth this is not just a moon, but a particle, but also Mars.

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