Wednesday , September 28 2022

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Yesterday, political activities appeared to be collective retreats dealing with government issues.

Participants and other political parties have not raised new ideas to move forward.

The President of the Republic also took the position that "I will not negotiate with anyone."

One of the mediators is trying to propose a solution that Aoun agrees to name the Sunni person who satisfies the parties

The President of the Republic encouraged this mediator to continue his efforts in this direction.

Al-Jurriya newspaper witnessed a series of withdrawals in handling the government's works because it did not raise new ideas to move the council to overcome obstacles to the government's birth yesterday, the political newspaper said. The presidential ruler will not return until next Wednesday in light of reports that his "central house" and all his appointments around him have been canceled until Wednesday.

The Baabda Palace has no new developments and no new developments. Communication initiated at some mediator levels is still in its infancy, and some people have begun to transfer moods and exchange opinions without any violations.

President Bush also expressed his position under the premise that "we will not negotiate with anyone." "Mediator-Visitors" says that they are putting solutions and reinforcing their position to provide doors to the desired solution that satisfies everyone.

The search for this proposal in the information of the newspaper "Republic", which is one of the mediators to market a proposal for a solution that agrees with the delegation of the President of the Republic to nominate a Sunni person, satisfies the "parties" is still in its infancy, Encouraged the mediator to continue this effort. "The trend is to either not offer initiatives or to try to solve them as soon as possible."

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