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Know your body. What happens to the body when it becomes toxic?


We all know that there is a danger of swallowing toxic substances or food poisoning from food. Symptoms usually start with stomach cramps in vomiting and diarrhea, but viruses play an important role, but bacteria is the most common cause. Salmonella, addiction scale.

Some bacteria start beating themselves before they reach the "sciencefocus" site, where the toxins are built-this site can cause an immune response in the intestine, while others can poison the food route.

How does addiction occur?

Bacteria enter your body.
Bacteria enter your body.

Stage 1 bacteria enter the digestive system.

Some bacteria and enterotoxins can survive the harsh conditions above, enter the gastrointestinal tract, and sometimes survive up to 72 hours after eating a poisoned meal.

Bacteria breeding in two stages

Bacteria are not detected by the body's immune system and reproduce quietly, inducing the production of toxins, allowing the gastrointestinal tract to penetrate.

Reproduction of bacteria
Reproduction of bacteria

Phase III immune response

Immune cells release a signaling protein called pro-inflammatory cytokines, which cause inflammation of the intestine and lead to swelling and discomfort.

Influence of the immune system
Influence of the immune system

Phase IV Diarrhea and Drought

Excessive body fluids and bacterial toxins in the intestine can cause water diarrhea, which is helpful in fighting bacteria, but can cause dehydration, especially if you are not receiving treatment.

By warning the responsible part of the brain,
By warning the responsible part of the brain,

Vomiting in the final stages

Some bacteria do not cause vomiting, but intestinal staphylococci cause vomiting. Studies show that it can stimulate nerves that transmit signals to the vomiting center of the brain.

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