Thursday , March 30 2023

Louis Vuitton Treasure of fine jewelry sets Concepcion – Regalia


Regalia … This word symbolizes power, reminding us of the kingship, purpose and accessories used by the royal family. Louis Vuitton House uses royal ornaments and royal motifs to create a new collection of fine gems called Regalia.

The design from this exquisite collection reflects the expertise of the house in the jewelry industry and is reflected in the form of 7 separate sets and 60 separate pieces.

Diamonds and jewels are arranged in moving shapes and curves, surrounded by flower shapes and letters. It is interesting that flowers and crafts V are combined into a unique new engineering design.

The new jewelry set is centered around a central colored stone surrounded by glitter. In fact, this colored stone is like an excavated treasure. It is a rare 19.97 carat tabolite stone with 34.75 carats of Paraiba stone, green reflection, and a very smooth sapphire stone.

This rare and exceptional gem distinguishes luxury jewels from other gems. Like a delicate V-shaped geometric work, it is surrounded by a golden frame with numerous shiny diamonds.

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