Monday , October 3 2022

One study found that men are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction!


A new study shows that men with insufficient diet are more likely to have erectile dysfunction than men who eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish.

And American researchers have found a link between erectile dysfunction and the consumption of bad fats found in butter and red and processed meats found in middle-aged men and older adults.

This study was unable to prove cause and effect. In other words, erectile dysfunction is almost certainly a source of relief, and you’re more likely to eat foods full of bad fats.

Erectile dysfunction and poor diet are already known as early signs of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers support a Mediterranean diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and olive oil.

In a paper published in the JAMA Network Open, the research team said, “Erectile dysfunction, especially in young men, is an early sign of cardiovascular disease and can reduce quality of life.” they “.

Experts at the University of California San Francisco, Harvard TH Chan Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston used data from the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, a Harvard-supported study that began in 1986.

Researchers took samples containing diet and health information from 21,469 male health professionals aged 40 to 75 years.

They scored reflecting their commitment to a Mediterranean diet, with high scores indicating high commitment.

Men under the age of 60 in the highest category on the Mediterranean diet had the lowest risk of developing erectile dysfunction compared to men in the lowest category.

Scores on the Mediterranean diet were also negatively related to impotence in the elderly.

This study suggests that eating a healthy diet free of burgers, pastries, and other butter-rich products may help reduce cardiovascular disease and maintain erectile function.

And last year, a study found that men with erectile dysfunction had a 59% risk of developing heart disease, stroke, or premature death.

Research conducted by Chinese scientists found that erectile dysfunction increases men’s risk of stroke by 34% and premature death by 33%.

Scientists have warned that lack of erection may be the first sign of poor blood flow in the body.

Erectile dysfunction affects more than 100 million men worldwide to some extent and is expected to increase to 300 million by 2025.

Researchers accused stress and alcohol consumption of increased due to a general blockade caused by the coronavirus.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by temporary factors such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, or alcohol abuse.

However, this condition can also be a sign of an underlying medical condition, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or even hormonal problems.

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