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Put electronic fragments in ATMs to steal money from depositor accounts. Then the gang stopped.


July 11, 2011 An unknown person puts electronic components into a cash machine belonging to a bank in the Ghazir region in order to use the customer card data as a pirate to withdraw funds.

Internal security forces intelligence agencies have begun on-site operations to identify and arrest the perpetrators, as well as Lebanese involvement, as well as the nationality of Eastern European countries. M. (born in 1983), criminal record holder for forgery, murder, assault, and abuse.

After a thorough surveillance, Special Force was able to arrest the latter in the Kaslik district and was seized and used by infonnity vehicles.

Through the investigation, he confessed his credit card data, that of K., to two other people who were trying to pirate him. T. (Born 1979, Bvlgari) and n. A. (Born 1994, Bulgari).

Immediately, Special Force raided the settlement of Balat / Jbeil village and seized some of the tools used for credit card piracy and three laptops.

He has been accustomed to CR for years and has admitted to agreeing to carry out card piracy operations in Lebanon. He believed that he would move his car to several banks in order to put the electronic sculpture into the ATM. And Bulgarians have confirmed that in addition to confirming Bulgaria's request for the use of counterfeit copies, DHL has seized charges of withdrawal of funds and profits from the environment inside the box.

And deposited a competent reference to the legal requirements for them and reference to the judiciary.

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