Sunday , December 5 2021

Security forces: Kill the old woman and arrest the man who stole jewelry from the Arab Zel town Security and Justice


"The KH, born in September 1929, the Lebanese nationality in the town of Romain, the Nabatiyeh district, and the dawn of the 29-year-old, aged 20, lost her consciousness to the iron machine on her head," said the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces. I stole five gold bracelets from my hand and fled to the emergency victims and unavoidable destinations in the hospital. As a result of the ongoing follow-up by the Security Intelligence Department, I was able to identify the identity of the intruder of the thief, a Palestinian citizen, born in 1955. During 17.00 hours in the Arabian town of Zagreb on October 11, 2010, he caught four gold bracelets, and his investigation confessed to his confession, and one of the bracelets of Sidon's precious metal shop bracelets, It was recovered from the owner of the shop and the investigation was done under the supervision of a court of competent jurisdiction.

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