Sunday , January 29 2023

The political crisis in Lebanon is deeper and more serious than the constitutional problems of the government.


Serama, speaking today at the start of a legislative meeting in the House of Commons, made a speech that said the political crisis in Lebanon was more serious and dangerous than the problem of forming a government. Political reality comes from false claims to protect the rights of community and justice. And destroy the aspirations of the Lebanese people in a modern and legitimate state.

"The current political situation is getting worse," Sad said. "We have reached a sectarian League on mutual division and reciprocal" wisdom "that brings the country to the bottom.

Sad noted in his intervention that the country's economic situation has collapsed and that the economic crisis and social trends are exacerbated by economic, political, consumer, pastoral and corrupt transactions.

Saad points out that the economic crisis is much worse than 11.8 billion. There will be Paris 1 to Paris 4, and Paris 5 and 6 in the future. We want to cool the coolant. We find more debt and economic depression and social conditions disastrous.

Increased youth migration, rising unemployment, rising poverty rates, and more than 1.5 million Lebanese earn $ 4 a day. Services such as electricity, water, waste, and health suffer from corruption.

Saad said frustration has reached that extent and that the story of the people is a curse and blame on politics and its owners. Just as the door was blocked in front of a solution to overcome the crisis.

He escapes from this crisis, temporarily reduces his agenda, initiates a bold and calm debate on national politics over a major political crisis, and in particular the political field of the state is desperate, helpless, bankrupt and distant from the paralyzed institutions and legitimacy and legitimacy of the state. I am looking for a solution to spread anger at. One of the risks and cautions.

He also called for the implementation of Articles 24 and 95 of the Lebanese Constitution. In particular, Lebanese want a modern, simple civilized state to honestly discuss why the two provisions do not apply, hoping to be the first step in the constitution, not outside the Constitution.

He concluded by saying that Lebanese were elected in hopes of reaching a prominent state and we should not let them down.

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