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Three natural antidepressants to overcome the symptoms of depression


As winter approaches and cold weather approaches, the symptoms of depression are at home for a long time, considering the lack of sunshine, reduced sunshine, changes in the nature of the food, and weather conditions.

Despite the serious symptoms of depression and the seriousness of the mental health of children, adolescents and adults, the good news overall is that you can prevent and cure your illness.

To avoid the symptoms of depression, it is good to use a simple antibiotic, a natural antidepressant, but remember that one of the symptoms of severe depression requires professional intervention to provide appropriate help for each case.

Weekly exercise with light heart or jogging can be as effective as traditional pharmacological depression treatment.

In a 2007 study at Duke University in North Carolina, patients were randomly randomly walked or jogged three times a week for 30 minutes, and the results were surprising because exercise was more effective than drugs.

In 2016, studies examining the effects of exercise on reducing symptoms of depression have examined exercise effects.

In the winter, the effect of relieving the symptoms of depression by sunshine, scientists adopt a treatment based on principles such as depression, and the patient is exposed to a "light box" that produces a bright light like sunlight.

Studies on the Science Alert website show that regular exposure to this study, like the antidepressant effect, alleviates depression on the HDSR scale to 2.5.

Follow the Mediterranean diet

According to Australian researchers, participants were screened for two groups of depression, one of which received psychosocial support. The other followed the common eating habits of the Mediterranean countries, largely dependent on plants, vegetables, fruits and grains and healthy fats found in soybean as well as olive oil and canola oil.

As a result, symptoms of depression were reduced by 32% of people who followed the diet, compared to 8% who took placebo.

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