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Zamalek's second day in Morocco .. Learn about the new

Jamallek faces the renaissance of volcanoes in basic uniforms on the last leg of the Federation tomorrow. Egyptian ambassador in Morocco supports the mission of the team

Hamed Saad Hamed

May 18, 2019

A technical meeting on the match between Zamalek and Morocco's Nahdha Berkane ended in the African Alliance final, which is scheduled to take place in Morocco on Sunday.

Zamalek, Ahmed Zaher, Managing Director and Montasser Al Ramlawi, Team Manager Ayman Hafez attended the technical meeting.

Zamalek wears a white shirt and white shorts in front of Nahdet Berkane and the guard wears purple purple, red volcanic robe and team goalkeeper, white shirt and shorts.

Zamalek and Nahdha volcano will open tomorrow at 12 am Cairo time.

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Ashraf Tawfiq, the Egyptian ambassador to Morocco, visited the guesthouse of the hotel and confirmed all preparations before making the Confederations final against the volcano in Morocco.

The Ambassador met with White Mission, Ahmed Jalal Advisor, Club Vice President, Ismail Youssef, Alaa Maklad Director, Amir Mortada, Head of Public Affairs Ahmed Mortada.

The Egyptian ambassador hoped the Zamalek team would have the chance to face Morocco's Nahdet Berkane in the Confederation Cup final, which is scheduled for Sunday.

Christian Gross, the first soccer team manager at Zamalek Club, gave a technical lecture for team players at the Residence Hotel in Cairo at 12:00 am.

The first game, Zamalek, had breakfast at Cida's stadium.

Jamalek, who will host their match on Sunday, faces the renaissance of the Moroccan volcano at the last leg of the African Union.

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Last Zamalek Zamalek witnesses the training part of the ball to return from the pitch while unloading the physical load so that the player is not tired before the game.

Swiss Christian Christian Gross, the technical director of the Swiss Christian Grosal (Gamalek), highlighted in the last lecture the Eurosport Arab news of the Zamalek mission in Morocco, in particular to warn that there are seven stars on the team And Hamdi Al-Naqaz, Tarek Hamed, Yusuf Obama, Ibrahim Hassan, Omar Al-Saeed and Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kharba.

Gros will also emphasize the players' commitment to their technical role at the Sunday meeting, which is to ensure that the need for defensive attention is at the forefront of the game, Facilitates White's mission in Borg Al Arab.

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