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Advice to intimidating parents: She said why not have children.


After the deprivation of children in Lithuania, many fears fell on their parents. In public, the mood of the child, the crying, or even the false neighbors are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that their rights experts can be thrown at home. These anxieties are related to the lack of information and the ignorance of the true cause and process of the child's deficiency.

Alina Jakavonienė (Director of the Child Rights Protection and Adoption Services, tv3.lt in an interview) explained what happens when she takes her child out of the family. She emphasized that the experts went to the crime scene at the opening ceremony and went to the phone that invited the police officer a few hours later.

"In such cases, if it is determined at the time of the family that the children are unsafe and at substantial risk to their health and life, especially children rights experts, there are people who ask parents or associate their children with emotional ties or relatives. Temporarily taking care of your children. Of course, this is the case, and sometimes it is very sad that parents can not speak under special conditions to take care of their children. " Jakavonienė said.

Experts also were confident that if their children were of sufficient age and maturity, they had their own children to stay until the actual threat of bringing a child from their family was evaluated. He also added that ensuring the safety of children is not the same as taking from a family with a court's permission. The whole procedure is much more complicated.

"When an expert finds out that a child is unsafe within a family, the child is caught in an unsafe environment and the highest and second is the threat level, which is a child's health and life risk.

If this level of threat is detected, the specialist must apply to the court within three business days for approval. At the same time, mobile team support begins for the family. Psychologists, social workers, and specialists with special knowledge of affiliation issues can help you. Therefore, the family is given intensive help. Once a court decision is made, the Office of Children's Rights applies guidance to the municipality to determine the child's custody. "Explained the director of child rights protection and adoption services.

Right to care for your child – not necessarily a relative

According to her, the bill clearly outlines priorities for preferentialism. According to experts, the best interests of a child are relations with relatives (not relatives), family, and people with emotional relationships. If you do not have such an opportunity, go to a protection center, guard or family.

"Of the 922 out of 922 children who were granted court child adoptions, they were assigned to people who were involved in relatives or emotional relationships. They were looking for other forms of care, such as a day care center, We are looking for institutional care as a means of ", said A. Jakavonienė.

She explained that when she decides to exclude her child from her family before contacting her, she not only interacts with the same child or parent, but also gets information from other sources – schools, and medical institutions. We take appropriate action only after we have evaluated all the actual data collected about the actual threats.

"The child in July has never been adopted in Lithuania or abroad. The purpose of our collaboration is to send the child back to the family as soon as possible, but it also depends on the parents themselves. It is important to work with an expert to provide you with a copy of your child's birth certificate. Sometimes parents do not want to know about it, so they may not be aware of the changes.

In public places, there are more and more people speaking about the malicious complaint of their neighbors and the fear of those who might be enough. The child will unconsciously break up with the family. A. Jakavonienė denies this. She also described the signs that neighboring children could be alerted to violence or abuse. Above all, according to experts, you should hug when you hear abnormal baby cries.

"The child rights department does not have a child with the family, the situation is ongoing, the complaint itself, or the content of the notice. Nearly 44% of them did not prove it. "- explained the expert.

Advice on training methods

A. Jakovienė noted a mistake that should not be done in accordance with the procedures set out in the law, as it relates to teaching methods.

"We have to educate our children so that our actions do not hurt him." As a state, we have already determined that violence against children is impossible, because if a child has a face, clothing, arm, belt, badge or other stigmatization tool It is embarrassing that the language is still used to infiltrate a child, not a mini-man with a mini-rights. Each of us has a right to inherent dignity. In this way, children suffer long-term damage. It is very important for parents to train their children and educate them in a positive way, "said A. Jakovienė.

But according to experts, not all disciplinary methods are bad.

"Restricting certain pleasures is not violence, and if we are talking about disobedience, let's talk about the fact that this is disappointing to some permanent need of the child, whether it is by telephone or TV, it is essential for children, so perhaps There is no doubt that parents are having difficulties raising their children, but it is very important when faced with the problem of trusting professionals to professionals. It is not a shame not to do it. It is a shame not to learn and apply a kind of positive way. "- The expert advised.

She also pointed out that poverty is not the reason for separating the child from her parents. According to her, the state helps to provide services to each family when it is necessary and material to meet the child's minimum needs.

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