Wednesday , April 14 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgin Rodriguez Abalone: ​​The future bride is already dressed | name

The beauty of Spain said yes to her beloved and started looking for a wedding dress, even the most popular Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha says.

"Cristiano has already asked Georgian to let him go, marriage will be soon, and his beloved is wearing a dress that is already available," the source said.

The couple now live in Italy and have two daughters. Alan Martin I was born in November, 2017.

Georgina, helping. Cristiano resisted the rape scandal. The football player also has three children, eight-year-old Cristiano Junior, a surrogate mother, and twin Eva and Matteo.

That Cristiano Ronaldo has been defeated by Georgin Rodríguez since April. She found a new ring very similar to an engagement ring.. Then the comedian said nothing and the language slowly faded. But in June, special attention was paid to the giant diamond sculpture ring. The ring gave Georgina great pleasure in thimble.

Reuters / Scanpix / Georgi Rodriguez

Reuters / Scanpix / Georgi Rodriguez

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