Monday , October 3 2022

Do you know if a woman became so famous when she was younger?


“Of course, we have more chances to experience things that matter at least within ourselves. But it’s exactly you that this year’s precious changes will sharpen them and paint them with richer shades in mind. There is still an unknown birthday “theme”. Well. , They are related to me, but at the same time, they are related to a lot of people,” said the designer.

Ingrida Route Cow Sky Te-Now Yoke

In recent years, famous speeches by famous women about weight, appearance and beauty standards have taken the mother of three children into childhood and adolescence. Previously, more rounded than many colleagues, Ingrida repeatedly endured the sharper words of classmates or yard friends.

“It really leaves a mark. There were days when the whole meal consisted of only cucumber and lettuce leaves. I have tried many diets and diet plans. Now I know that it’s best to control your weight through a healthy diet. You should love yourself as you are, but it is important to care for yourself not only with semi-finished products, but also with ingredients that are beneficial to your body,” said I. Rutkauskaitė-Naujokė.

As she tries to produce at home, she pays more and more attention to the composition and origin of the product.

“There are people who are overweight for illness, drugs or other important reasons. However, there are often extremes in society, which consciously eat only those that give pleasure to the taste receptor, completely ignoring the harm to oneself and “the interlocutor thought.”

According to her, such food cult promoters should pay attention to scientists who are increasingly emphasizing the importance of nutrition, talking about disease-causing products and their combinations.

“You have to love yourself, but don’t bend the stick. Sometimes we forget about those around us. But when something happens to us, it’s them who have to take care of everything. So when we eat anything, we first love those we love-parents, children. , Let’s remember our beloved partner,” said I. Rutkauskaitė-Naujokė.

Designers, who recently presented their new collection of casual clothing, are increasingly thinking about what designers need to endure in order to adapt to the modern rules of life.

“I’m tired… when I have time, I sit on Instagram, study, analyze, read… Still, there’s a forest here… Isn’t it enough just to be a creator these days? You wear your creations? For your life, do you have to sell this little box to notice you? I don’t know…. I don’t understand… And the sadder it is, the more I feel like my life is lost, my character is lost, and who we are… that is to you Isn’t that right? Is it only visible to me…?”, one of the most romantic Lithuanian writers shared on social networks the day before his birthday.

To date, the founders of the InŽi fashion house have been most famous for their handmade accessories, embellished wedding and intermittent dresses, and christening clothes made from greyhounds, silk, pearls, lace and other top-quality materials.

The designer said, “I also presented a collection for everyday use, but it was different from this collection, which was released in the fall of 2020.”

According to the author, her recently made leisure clothes perfectly harmonize with even more colorful clothes.

“I wanted to show how to combine different fabrics, styles and clothing models in my own modeling photo session. Everything that is conveyed in the photographs I created and lived.” The designer said that soon he would surprise fans with other innovations.

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