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ELM will select 180 schools and receive $ 24 million. Euro quality basket


The Ministry of Education publishes a newly introduced basket of quality baskets to raise the quality of education through counseling and financial support for schools with weakness in high quality schools and establishes preconditions for reducing disparities between municipalities. At the same time, it supports the level of schools with "high school attributes" and strives to create prerequisites for those schools to share experiences with the weak.

The project will include the European Union (EU) fund and will focus on improving the achievement of students in grades 5-8. The money school must arrive next year and allocate two years.

"School selection has taken into account the student's feelings at school, the culture of the school, the achievement of the student, or the teacher's efforts to help children from social risk families, etc. The Ministry responded to the BNS in terms of student achievement, We have selected a school for external evaluation evaluation.

Among the selected sample schools are Klaipėda 5, Kaunas 4, Šiauliai 3, Panevezys and Vilnius 2, Rokiskis, Ukmerge, Šilutė, Ignalina and other educational institutions. Among the "weak" schools are most of the local schools, including the city of Bilnius 10, Vilnius 10, Šakiai 7, and Šilalė district.

According to MES, schools with poor school characteristics will provide advice and financial support because they perform more activities.

These funds are allocated to educational environments and measures, school activities, improvement of learning, improvement of the educational environment, student research and creative activities, and additional support for teacher qualifications and education.

Expectations of student achievement improvement

Gražvydas Kazakevičius, Vice Minister of Education and Science, expects that high-quality baskets will reduce the number of students who do not meet basic achievement levels and increase the number of students reaching high achievement levels.

"This will also contribute to reducing the difference in quality of education between municipalities and schools in general education," he said in a comment on the BNS.

International academic research has shown Lithuanian students' achievements to be somewhat gentle. As in urban and rural schools, the gap between girls and boys, the gap between different municipalities and schools has increased.

"The achievements of students are influenced by the social, economic and cultural environment of their students and the quality of their school activities, and research in many countries shows the same tendency. But the means of education can be very helpful to children in a disadvantaged socio-economic environment, "said G. Kazakevičius.

Julius Kalinskas / 15 minutes Picture / Gražvydas Kazakevičius

Julius Kalinskas / 15 minutes Picture / Gražvydas Kazakevičius

Each school with a good basket should prepare a two-year school improvement plan with the municipality and the project facilitator. The school will have a consultant to monitor and monitor the progress of the plan.

Priority will be given to recipients of free meals.

The school was selected by a special committee composed of representatives from the Ministry of Education, the National Testing Center, the Education Development Center, the Educational Information Technology Center, the National School Assessment Agency, the Union of Lithuanian Local Authorities, the Ministry of Education, the Parent Forum and the Lithuanian School Leaders Association.

Selection criteria must include at least 120 students in the school, not to combine 5-8 lessons and not select students in grade according to achievement.

The robust school list included schools with a joint index of the highest level of achievement or maturity in the country, an external assessment of the quality of school achievement five years ago.

The school with the worst achievements is one of the worst schools.

Choosing both strong schools and weak schools is strongly influenced by an increase in the number of students who receive free meals.

85% will be transferred to the designated municipality. Quality basket money, the rest 15% they will have to spend on the budget. Later, the municipalities will be reimbursed if the contract provided in the improvement plan is implemented.

After one year, the school improvement plan can be adjusted for the situation.

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