Wednesday , June 7 2023

Encouraging image: "Formula 3" is a terrible accident of a 17-year-old girl.


A major crash in China occurred in the official three races in Macau. The 17-year-old German pilot, a car pilot, suffered severe trauma and went to the hospital quickly.

Young Sophia Florsch went up in the air when it collided with another bow ride without stealthy control of the car.

The German Formula ran at a maximum speed of 274 km / h and struck the tower for event photographers.

Thanks to unbelievable success, the victims were able to escape during the disaster.

The race was soon moved to Lignoni, where it turned out that the back was broken.

In fact, the driver has deployed messages on their social networks and confirmed their status has stabilized.

"Thanks for the post and support, I am fine, but on Monday I will manipulate the spine." Said Florsch.

The race was stopped and extended after an hour.

The two photographers beside the track suffered a bit, though.

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