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I am working on an unauthorized construction at Neringa, and I want to apply for € 23,000 after joining the clerk.


BillNews, November 10 (BNS). Neringa's Construction Inspectorate and Illegal Determination of Construction The Klaipėda County Apprentice Administration provides approximately 23,000 beneficiaries. EUR It is 50 times smaller than the state-owned area.

With the help of the Klaipėda County Chief Administrative Officer, the VTPSI (State Planning and Construction Inspectorate) wanted to combine territorial planning documents with yacht club and self-catering decisions to accept illegal activities.

In 2015, the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania will dismantle "Meirona", which manages the restaurant of Juodkrantė, and the construction inspector and Neringa Municipality will pay almost 1.15 million remuneration. Euroon

The CPCI pointed out that the payoff was only 23,000. In assessing court practices and statutory standards, the disciplinary penalty for unfair employee behavior can not be determined on an employee's average of 9 wages.

By pursuing justice, we strive to compensate the country for non-taxpayers, and you are a civil servant who is directly involved in illegal acts and their emergence. Accountability and accountability are integral parts of the law and transparent and open governance. Egl Kuklierien, senior director of SPSS.

Inspectorate insisted that the Klaipėda District, the Krypte National Park Authority and the Klaipėda Regional Environmental Protection Department staff, as well as the bureaucrats of the Klaipėda County Chemist Administration, were not authorized to work or supervise the state.

The SCCA expects that the decisions taken by the Inspectorate will be taken and addressed by the authorities and the Neringa City Government.

At the end of the next decade, the court will also award Neringa Municipality and Construction Inspectorate 733,000. We have already acquired real estate in compensation for individuals who have been brokered by a company called Verslo investicijų projektų centras.

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